Checking in with Plume

It's been a while - let's find out what's new!

It's been several months and I'm not sure how many versions since I last used Plume. At the time it was very simple, and I quickly stopped experimenting in favor of helping test the Pterotype plugin for WordPress.

I can see there are new features since then: avatars, for instance, and the ability to upload media (somewhere), and more. It's still pretty simple, and depending on what you want to do with a blog, that might be perfect! I always have to look up markdown syntax, though. No matter how often I write it. I don't know why it doesn't stick in my head the way HTML does. I imagine if I started using it for my main blog, it would eventually stick. Though you'd think using it with github all the time would take care of that. 🤷

Anyway, I'm also curious after a conversation on Mastodon to see how this post appears when it federates over there.