Installing Plume on

After a small hiatus of writing (not really sure why, but I suspect it’s cos I developed and got bored).

Which I wrote about before

And in true form, I took on a new project after the mailcow server died, I found by chance Plume which is a federated blogging platform. I liked the concept of it, its a tiny bit buggy but they’ve been pretty upfront with it in the docs and on the website.

I was undecided where I host it, I was thinking, but since it serves media I needed a CDN which can’t for some reason be built into plume itself, so I cheated and used CloudFlare which is already hosted on.

Of course, I don’t yet have a way to automatically post content between the two instances, so that’s still manual.

Anyways, should you wish to see what plume is about check out :

* *My plume blog *You can also see the Gemini site blog