It has been a while

I’ve not really taken the time to sit down (or in this case lie in bed) to write on, or on my Gemini blog at OH.MG. But here we are now doing this thing.

I got back from Barcelona last week and it’s back to the early curfew of Paris, back to not doing much at home and eating like a pig. Because that’s all there really is to do in 9m2 (hooray Paris).

The only real news is that I’ve recently got the InvizBox 2 and the InvizBox Go.

Invizbox Go

I used the InvizBox Go during my trip to Barcelona, hiding on all that public WiFi, and the InvizBox 2 is installed at home when I got back, and I’m pretty happy with both of them.

Invizbox 2

Right now at home all but a few devices are now connected to the InvizBox 2, it’s done a lot to kill ads and trackers on my connection, to the point I’m now getting random US-based ads on Twitter since it’s struggling to figure out where I actually am (most websites of course have their ads blocked completely).

Granted this is because I have the InvizBox’s own host filter and ProtonVPN’s Netshield active and I have to say I’m impressed.

That’s pretty much it, so there you go :D