Tales from No Sleep

Posted on 2020-12-18 on OH.MG.

Here I am awake at 3h du mat because my sleeping schedule is still very much not right, I’ve been waking up now between 3h to 5h which is a lot better than 2 weeks ago when I was waking up at 17h. No halvsies here, all or nada.

We come to this morning, where my first activity of the day was to clean the cat out of the airconditioner. Although Miss Kaja is a short hair, it seems she has a shit tonne of it, and all of it landed in the filters / within the aircon itself.

It’s worth mentioning that the aircon is also a fan, I pretty much run at least the fan on a 24/7 basis as this appartment gets stagnant quite quickly and heats up like nobody’s business, so as a result I have to take it apart every couple months to clear the dust and cat fur from it. Turns out this time it was at the arse end of the morning without a vaccuum.