PLUG June IoT and Agility in the Cloud

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PLUG’s June meeting features tiny computing at home and in the cloud.

Bill Lindley will talk about IoT on Rasbperry Pi and Rajendran Rathinasabapathy will cover Agility, Microservices and the Cloud.

  • "Control The World (or whatever you want) With Linux and a Raspberry Pi"

We will see how a $35 Raspberry Pi (or even the $9 version), a breadboard and a bit of circuitry connected to the SPI and I2C buses can control pretty much anything: a thermostat; a "self driving" model car; or a clock-radio that also displays software build progress and your corporate network uptime status.

  • "In the crossroads of Agility, Microservices and Cloud computing".

Being a project manager for a while evolving along with the evolution in the IT landscape of agility, microservices and cloud computer, I see a pattern in the painful ordeal teams go through, especially when collaboration is needed more than ever to build systems. The topic is very relevant when highly individualistic opensource programmers work together. In this presentation, as the subject is vast, I layout a list of critical blind spots and pitfalls the teams can avoid while designing and developing larger applications.

Thursday, June 13th at 19:00
Desert Breeze Substation
251 North Desert Breeze Blvd
Chandler, AZ

RSVP at getogether if you’d like.

The Free Software Stammtisch is the following Tuesday on the 18th at Boulders on Southern.

The PLUG security meeting is the following Thursday also at the Desert Breeze Substation. This month Aaron Jones will continue his "Introduction to Assembly Language" topic.