How to Choose a Cheap Web Designer Who Doesn't Suck

A business website is a vital investment, but expensive web design services are out of reach for many small business budgets. The good news is you can find talented, affordable designers if you know what to look for. Follow these tips to choose a cheap web designer who doesn’t suck.

Look at Portfolios Critically:

Never hire a designer without seeing examples of their actual client work. Scrutinize their portfolio like your business depends on it, because it does. Look for attractive, user-friendly sites reflecting consistent quality and a range of capabilities. Don’t fall for flashy sites that aren’t substantive.

Ask About Specific Experience:

Cheap web designers may be newer to the field, but they still need robust experience. Ask specifically how many business sites they’ve designed, the types of sites and complexity handled. Look for expertise in areas like responsive design, ecommerce and content management systems. Ask for referrals to get firsthand reviews.

Gauge Their Design Vision:

A great designer will ask thoughtful questions to understand your brand, challenges, and goals to inform their vision. Share your aspirations and see if they can translate that into concrete design strategies and solutions. Look for imagination coupled with practical business savvy.

Clarify the Project Plan:

A reputable cheap web designer Singapore present a detailed project plan covering timelines, milestones, responsibilities and pricing. Everything should be clearly documented to avoid frustrations. Ask questions and get comfortable with the roadmap before signing a contract.

Establish Clear Communication:

Open communication channels are crucial when collaborating with a designer. Make sure you understand and feel comfortable with their preferred methods and frequency of communication. Agree to quick response times so momentum doesn’t stall.

Trust Your Instincts:

Listen to your gut feelings during the research and interview process. Find someone who seems genuinely passionate about your brand and dedicated to creating something great. With the right cheap web designer, everything will click.

By thoroughly vetting portfolios, experience, vision, project plans and communication, you can find affordable design talent that exceeds expectations, not compromises them. Invest the time upfront to ensure a successful partnership. Your website will become a major asset fueling your business growth.