Dreaming away

It is raining very heavily here. If not for the pandemic, I might have been on a train at this time, just getting off at Sion station and wading through water to reach college. Actually, I wouldn't have been at college any more. I would have been at home feeling unable to even search for a job.

I want a union job. I don't want a job where I have to be creative. I want to work for the sake of working and then keep the rest of the day to myself. I want to use that time to read and write, to watch movies, to go out with friends, to organize against the state, to take beach trips. I need a job, and I won't know how, when the time comes, to ask for one. I hope I will at least have my degree in place.

But at this moment--today, this week, this month--I want to stop feeling responsible. I don't want to be answerable to anyone. I need an excellent, heavy, physical book to get lost into.