It's Nowrouz

But seems not happy!

Nowrouz is the most special day for Iranians (and other people who celebrate). It’s the Persian new year and the start of spring. It’s when light defeats the darkness. For thousands of years, Iranian have celebrated these days.

The history of this part of the earth is also cruel. For many ages, Iran was a great and powerful country, but on the other hand, there were times, like after the Achaemenid empire, during the Islamic conquests, and attacks of the Mongols, and NOW, we Iranian are not happy. Nowrouz has come but not its mood. For example, when the army of Qutayba ibn Muslim bloodshed Sistan (a part of Iran), a harper roams in the ruined city and narrates the crimes of “Qutayba” and cries. He sing when he played: “With these sadnesses in our hearts, a bit of joy is needed. It’s Nowrouz.”

Zahak is a mythical figure in Persian mythology. He was a tyrant king with snakes on his shoulders, which had to be fed by youth brains every day. A hero (later king) named Fereydoun defeats him in Nowrouz and imprisoned him in Mount Alborz forever.

We celebrate Nowrouz as the victory of good over evil. It’s the end of Zahak’s reign and the terror reign of the new age Zahak will soon be over. Zan, Zendegi, Azadi Woman, Life, Freedom