On Commenting

Etiquette of commenting in the internet

In Iran, there is a course in the school system called “Parvareshi” meaning nurture. The purpose of the class is still unknown to the people. The course didn’t have any regular textbook, instead, the teacher, lectured about religious topics besides the Religious courses. The topic was either on the harms of masturbation, heaven and hell, society, and or the etiquette of greeting, the etiquette of eating and drinking, the etiquette of speaking, etc. The etiquette of greeting for example was something like this:

“If somebody says ‘Salam’ (Hi) your response must be longer than him/her, something like ‘Salam Aleykom’ (Hello to you) and so on!”

The course content was usually meaningless, but it’s good to obey some of the etiquette.

I remember that I wrote a message on my personal Telegram channel, and then one of my commented that ‘Boy, you write so good. Bravo’. That comment was not informative. I think that comments should carry information or ask a question or start a conversation.

Leave comments, suitable comments.