Practical Anarchism in Daily Life

How to live like a true anarchist

I think that an anarchist society is possible in a near future through gradual changes, not a violent revolution (however sometimes revolution is necessary). I got acquainted with anarchism when I was a teenager, but at the time I thought that it was impossible to have a stateless society. On a cold winter morning, my professor convinced me that anarchism is possible and soon we have anarchy.

We should do something. Revolution? Not yet, but we can live anarchistly. Here are my recommendations (based on a Telegram post):

  1. Be a rebel as Alber Camus said. Do something about revolution, if possible. Life is a long war.

  2. Listen! Mutual aid is so important and necessary.

  3. D.I.Y (Do it yourself) try to make stuff like shampoo, notebook, study light, spaghetti, and so on. Fix stuff and try to not go to the repairmen. It’s also fun.

  4. Use free open-source software. Stop using Whatsapp, Windows, Google and proprietary software and use Matrix, Linux, Searx and free alternatives (you can find alternatives here at

  5. Prefer small and local businesses over giant brands. Use ethical technologies.

  6. Use a cryptocurrency instead of the Dollar, Euro, IRR or etc.

  7. Learn and enjoy learning new stuff. Enrol in online free courses.

  8. Support homeschooling. Learn at home and teach your kids. Schools are a mess.

  9. Donate things you don’t need.

  10. Avoid Policemen, racists, capitalists, sexists, and mullahs.