Future Forward: Innovative Uses and Trends in Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles, which measure 12 inches or larger on one side, have become very popular in modern interior design. But creative designers are constantly coming up with innovative new ways to use these oversized tiles. From ceilings to artwork, large tile formats are being utilized in unexpected and exciting new applications. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most innovative trends in using large format tiles and see how they point to the future of tile design.

One creative new use for large format tiles that is gaining popularity is installing them on ceilings. Extending the tile work from the floors to the ceilings makes a very dramatic design statement and makes rooms appear taller and more expansive. Advances in mortar adhesives and tile backing materials now allow these oversized tiles to be applied successfully overhead in spite of their weight. Ceiling tiles are especially striking in entryways, making a bold first impression. This innovative trend is only going to become more popular as tile manufacturers make installing large tiles on ceilings even easier.

Another new trend is mixing different tile shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns together using large format tiles. Large geometric tiles like hexagons can be combined with classic square 12x12 tiles, for example, to create an eclectic look. Pairing subway style rectangular tiles with mosaics and oversized tile slabs results in unique visual texture and interest. Contrasting the sizes of tiles and playing with shape allows creativity and flexibility in design. This blended tile look creates a custom, one-of-a-kind style.

Previously only possible with small mosaic tiles, some tile manufacturers are now using large format tiles to create stunning mosaic tile pictures, landscapes, and murals. Digital printing technology allows high resolution images to be printed directly onto the tile slabs. Large format tiles lend themselves to enormous, sprawling tile murals like an abstract floral design spanning an entire wall. Personalized images can also be printed, immortalizing a family photo in tile. The possibilities are endless with this inventive large tile technique.

In addition to walls and floors, large format tiles are now being used to cover stair risers, replace drywall, and create entire artistic feature walls. The durability and strength of material allows oversized tiles to be installed vertically and withstand more weight and abuse. Thin but rigid tile slabs called laminam porcelain panels can act as drywall replacements. This allows the creation of bold accent walls showcasing a stunning tile design. Large format subway tiles as stair risers provide an eye-catching moment in a home.

The variety of large format tile styles and finishes available also continues to expand. From polished porcelain, to textured stone visuals, to faux wood looks, the options are endless. Digital printing results in very realistic representations of natural materials, like wood grain and veins in stone. Glazing techniques can intentionally distress and age tiles. Creative finishes like crackle glazing are also possible. The expanding range empowers designers to perfectly match their vision.

Innovative designers are constantly finding new and creative ways to utilize the impressive scale and versatility of large format tiles. From ceilings to artwork, they are transforming interiors in exciting new ways. As manufacturing and printing technology improves, the possibilities are endless for oversized tile formats. Make sure to visit your local tile shop to discover the newest large tile trends and find inspiration for your next project. The future of tile design is bigger and bolder than ever before.