Think Big, Live Bold: The Majestic Appeal of Large Format Tiles

Tile trends come and go, but one style that shows no signs of going out of fashion is large format tiles. These tiles, defined as those with at least one side longer than 15 inches, make a majestic statement in any home. Their appeal lies in their size and simplicity - fewer grout lines allow for a smoother, more seamless look that suggests spaciousness.

Large format tiles lend themselves perfectly to modern and contemporary design aesthetics. The Tiles Shop Singapore offers an abundant selection of these tiles in polished porcelain, marble, travertine, and more. Porcelain options are especially versatile since they resist water, stains, and wear while remaining cost-effective. Consider large format porcelain tiles for high-traffic areas like kitchens.

Installing oversized tiles allows you to think big and make a bold design statement. Fewer tiles are needed to cover the same square footage. This means faster installation compared to small mosaic tiles. Tile setters charge by the hour, so bigger tiles save on labor costs. Large tiles also leave less room for grout lines that might crack or discolor over time.

Pay attention to rectified vs. non-rectified edges when shopping for large format tiles. Rectified tiles have precisely cut edges that form nearly perfect 90-degree angles. This creates a flawlessly smooth finish when tiles are installed with tight grout lines. Non-rectified tiles have slightly beveled edges that don’t always align. The resulting lippage leads to uneven grout lines.

While large tile formats make a jaw-dropping impact, they require an extremely flat and stable subsurface. Any minor dips or defects in the floor will transfer and be accentuated by such big tiles. Be prepared to have subflooring professionally leveled if you don’t start with a perfectly smooth foundation.

When designed and installed correctly, large format tiles help you achieve a grand, dramatic look aligned with current trends. Visit The Tile Shop to explore the many stone, ceramic, glass, and porcelain options available in sizes ranging from 16”x16” up to a magnificent 60”x120”. Think big and let large tiles bring majestic boldness to your home!