Search: The Final Frontier

...and git. also git.

Two more services added to the list - wonder how much I can cram into that poor VPS.. So in the spirit of ditching big tech, I’ve set up my own meta-search engine using Searx ( It’s a highly configurable thing that will submit search requests on your behalf to a vast collection of different sites and search engines, collecting and filtering the results for you.

Also, as Bitbucket seems to be slowly veering off in to woke cuck territory (following Github) I have started moving my development projects over to my VPS using Gogs. It’s an ultra-compact alternative to GitLab (a trainwreck of a Ruby on Rails app that would require a few more servers to actually run) and I’m quite pleased with it so far. Has the features I need and requires next to no resources.

So that’s about it I think.