Part 1 - ENT 101

Do you have questions regarding the different sorts of ENT specialists? Most ENT specialists in Singapore undergo added abroad training, referred to as a residency, before coming to be a specialist in the area.

ENT experts are distinctively qualified to treat everything from your neck to your ears. In various other words, an ENT is an otorhinolaryngologist or an otolaryngologist.

  • Oto is the Greek word for ear, which refers to both the exterior and interior parts of the ear.
  • Rhinology is the research study of the nose, which consists of the sinuses.
  • Laryngology is the study of the throat, which includes the vocal cables.

Specifically, they treat your ear, throat, and also neck except for your mind and also eyes.

If you have ear troubles, sinusitis, persistent nasal blood loss, or if you have a raspy voice that has been present for a long time, an ENT specialist may absolutely assist you. As a result, keep an eye out for any ENT-related signs and symptoms or problems.

Their location of know-how can expand down to the esophageal inlet, permitting them to deal with a large range of medical problems in the head and also neck.

Below's a quick introduction to their devices:

An otoscope is made use of to consider the patient’s ears; a microscopic lens is made use of to get an extra comprehensive consider the ears. For the throat, a laryngoscope will certainly be utilized to see the rear of the patient’s throat as well as an endoscopic camera is put into the nose to get a better take look at the nasal canal.

What does an ear specialist in Singapore do?

  • Hearing loss
  • Wax buildup
  • Fluid in the center ear
  • Adults and youngsters with recurring ear infections

When should you consult a nose specialist?

  • Nasal valve failing
  • Sinus symptoms
  • Runny Nose

Kinds of devices utilized by ENT professionals:

Their medical devices and also tools are similarly special, and also they are available in a selection of dimensions as well as forms. As discussed, an otoscope, which is made used to see right into the patient’s nostrils and also ears and right into which a speculum is placed for better presence, is the most common device used to check on an individual.

A microscope for a much more comprehensive sight within the ears, in addition to an implanted nasal endoscopic camera that travels up the nose for a better, consider the nasal tooth cavity. It is a stiff rod that shines fiber-optic light into the port to spot cysts and also polyps.

Part 1 - ENT 101

Types of surgical procedure for ENT surgery:

Head & Neck and Thyroid Surgery

  • Parotid swelling
  • Thyroid blemishes
  • Unusual neck bulge in the head as well as neck location
  • Lymph nodes that have actually expanded in dimension
  • Infections as well as Abscesses in the Head and also Neck

Facial/Plastic Surgery

  • Facial Paralysis
  • Facial Deformities
  • Facial Scars
  • Nasal obstruction/deformity
  • Facial Bone
  • Tissue Trauma

Nasal Surgery

  • Acute Sinusitis
  • Allergy
  • Nasal Blockage/Trauma
  • Nose Bleed
  • Nose Tumor
  • Fluid Leakage from the nose

Head Surgery

  • Hearing Loss
  • Dizziness
  • Ear infection
  • Ear lump
  • Ear Trauma
  • Tinnitus
  • Facial nerve palsy
  • Acoustic Neuroma


Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils that happens in the rear of the throat. They are white in look and also appear like tiny stones that are established on your gum tissues or neck. Antibiotics will be used to treat tonsillitis as soon as again if the ailment is identified early.