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Outline template for a research paper on abortion rights

What is the first thing you need for writing assignments? In case you are not familiar with the process of writing, then you need to develop some understanding. The best way to write an essay is to start by composing an outline.

This will help you in including all the relevant ideas in the essay. To get a well-written outline you can take the help of a professional essay writing service.

If you want to write about a controversial topic such as abortion, having an outline will help you a lot. How will you be able to do this? You can start by going through the research on the subject. Does this seem hard to you? If that’s the case with me I will ask a professional writer to write my essay for me . You have to add all the relevant arguments and supporting evidence to tell the reader your viewpoint on abortion.

How to write an outline?

First, you need to understand the process of outlining the ideas. If you succeed in understanding the concept of an outline, you can write it for any hot topic. The research paper outline starts with writing the introduction of your topic including the thesis statement. Then you need to add the content for writing at least three to four body paragraphs. At the end summarize all the points mentioned in the essay. You can hire writing company for composing your essay.

Outline template for abortion rights

The first thing in writing such an essay is identifying the purpose of your paper. After doing that, you will be able to include the related points in the essay. Here is a template outline that will give you an idea of how to write an outline.

  • Introduction
  1. a) What is abortion?
  2. b) The statistical data of abortion cases around the globe.
  3. c) Significance of abortion rights for women
  • Reasons of Abortion
  1. a) Pregnancy is a hindering object in pursuit of pleasure.
  2. b) No respect for human life.
  3. c) Financial constraints.
  4. d) Social issues regarding the dignity of women.
  5. e) Increasing cases of rape around the world.
  6. f)   Abortion is considered a problem for women in pursuing their goals.

**3)**Types of Abortion

  1. a) Spontaneous Abortion
  2. b) Induced Abortion

**4)**Commonly used methods for abortion.

  1. a) Carrying out the abortion process by the use of drugs.
  2. b) Surgical removal of the fetus

**5)**Complications associated with procedures of Abortion

  1. a) Excessive bleeding for several weeks.
  2. b) Pelvic inflammatory disease in the vagina.
  3. c) Complications in the uterus during surgical removal of the fetus.

**6)**Arguments in favor of Abortion

  1. a) Women can achieve their academic goals.
  2. b) Reduced issues to maternal health.
  3. c) Women should have a basic right to abortion to have an identity.
  4. d) Reduced family size can lower financial issues.
  5. e) Helping rape victims resume their lives.

**7)**Arguments against abortion

  1. a) Willingly ending a life is against religious values.
  2. b) When women have the right to abort they get involved in several sexual acts destroying moral values.
  3. c) It can reduce the chances of women getting pregnant again.
  4. d) An increasing number of medical complexities in women.
  5. e) Enhancing irresponsible behavior by men and women.
  6. f)   It can cause psychological issues in women.


  1. a) An equal number of advantages and disadvantages of abortion rights.
  2. b) Destroying religious and moral values.
  3. c) Cause serious medical concerns to women’s health.

If you are interested in writing about abortion, this outline will clarify your concepts. In case this template doesn’t help me I will simply ask an experienced writer to write my essays for me . There is no need to put extra stress on yourself. You will be able to get a good grade if you have the right guidance.

Having outline templates solve half of the problems in writing. You will be able to write a very good essay in no time if you have prepared an outline. So plan your writing strategy and make your task simple for you.

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