Two Features that will Help Plume Take Off

Feature requests for Plume developers

I have two feature requests for Plume developers:

A) Collaborative Publication Stages

Stage 1 Author writes a draft

Stage 2 (Optional) Author submits draft to peers for evaluation

  • Logged in members who surf the edit queue can read the draft and give ideas as comments
  • Author can accept or reject suggestions and edit article

Stage 3 Peers validate article

  • Peers (instances can choose if it's logged in members of the instance or members of any instance) can see the article in the submission queue, those that support the article Heart it
  • Articles that get above a certain number of Hearts are published
  • After timelimit expires, articles which do not reach minimum are deleted
  • Instances that want to publish all the articles of their members can leave out stage 3

B) Celsius

You've seen Reddit where the "hottest" posts go to the Front Page, well I've got an algorithm which would take the number of Hearts that a article has, the date-time of publication and a "half-life" variable and sort articles "hottest" first. I call it Celsius.

C) That's it!

I'm a big fan of Plume already and I think that these features will give Plume wings!

I don't think I could write the code myself but I've got €€€ that I'm ready to invest in bounties, pizza or Free Beer for developers... How does that sound? What other features are needed? Discuss!