Vote for your favorite logo

One month ago, I announced a logo contest for Plume. Now is the time for you to decide which logo you would like to have by default.

The logos


Troll's Logo


Blort's Logo, basic

Blort's Logo, with an ink splat

Blort's Logo, with colors


Y6nh's Logo(s)

By (there are actually two different logo's on the first image)

trwnh's Logo, feather

trwnh's Logo, paragraphs

After the vote

The logo with most vote will be the official Plume logo, displayed by default on every instance, and it's creator will receive a financial reward, as planned.

However, because it would be a bit unfair to just throw away all the other logos, they will still be shipped with Plume by default, and instances administrators will have the possibility to use one of them instead of the main one if they want.

Vote for your favorite logo

You can vote for the logo you prefer on our Loomio group. All you have to do is to order the logos according to your preferences.

If it is not clear which option corresponds to what logo, feel free to ask for clarification.