Drop The Ideologies

A Unitarian Anthem

If only we could drop the ideologies,
Then maybe we could drop the anxieties.
I once sat down with a friend,
And for that moment, didn’t want it to end.

In Atlanta there was a Fascist raid,
Torn families fears put in a braid.
If we could end the ideologies,
Then maybe we could drop the anxieties.

We could pat each other on the back,
And say, it doesn’t seem like without payback,
That Atlanta could be sent further down a hike.
So lets drop the ideologies.
Lets drop the bullshit.

Then maybe we could look around us,
See other forms of Fascism approaching us.
If we weren’t in a schism of the mind.
If only we could get along and unwind.

Without having to change each other’s mind.
So lets drop the anxieties, just this once.
Bill Gates can build a house with a remote controller,
While we watch Reality TV of Russiagate and Robert Muller.

France may help out in the raid,
If we could drop our worries, stay together in a braid.
We could drop the anxieties and the ideologies.
And let the memory of poverty fade.