A Short Story about Brexit

A Short Story about Brexit

Dad: What do you want in life, son?

Son: I want Socialism.

Dad: Pah! You're living in cloud cuckoo land!

Son: Why?

Dad: Because how? How can you get this Socialist utopia? How? It's ridiculous to want such a thing! Ridiculous! You expect people to give up all the things that matter to them? How can you create Socialism without it becoming a dictatorship? How? It's all very well saying 'this would be nice' or 'that would be nice' but how do you actually make these things real? Did you ever think of that? You want something you have no idea how to get! You haven't thought about practicalities, about the process, about the immense effort it would take. You haven't thought about jobs, about supplies, about trade with other countries. Ridiculous! You want a fantasy! Put your faith in real politics, boy, not in dreams.

Son: So what do you want?

Dad: I want Brexit.

The End