Nova has joined the Fediverse 2

Part 2

Nothing much happened in the meantime , but I made new friends on the Fediverse , and I felt too happy. But the story doesn't ends there.

The administrators of , my home instance , messaged me directly on there and proposed me to be a moderator , and I willfully accepted my new role!

Later then , like 10 days later , the administrator of there was running a NSFW instance at the time and called me for being moderator on too!

That doesn't lasted much time though...

But on December 2 , the administrator told me of a newborn instance called and I accepted the invitation. Later something that I didn't expect myself happened. I became co-admin of!

I couldn't believe that. I was overjoyed by that! I had so many emotions running through my head , happiness being one of them. Later I invited some friends of mine to that instance , and eveything went actually good since then. I still feel so happy about that. :D

To be continued...