Comparison of Furniture Reupholstery Vs. Buying New

Your favourite fabric chair is beginning to show signs of wear. Do you dispose of it or get help from a furniture reupholstery expert?

Knowing the right time to reupholster and get rid of your favorite piece is a tough call, especially when it’s an old-fashioned piece. There are some things that could make this process easier and there are some things you need to be thinking about prior to making the decision.

Why furniture reupholstery is required

It’s true that nothing lasts forever. This is more apparent in the current society’s “throw-away” mentality. At the time, things were built to lastand if they did happen to break and break, they were repaired not just discarded and replaced with the new shiny model.

There are a myriad of reasons to reupholster their furniture and throw it out. The most important thing, however the key is to determine if it’s worth the effort!

Originality and functionality

The quality and originality of your furniture is essential. It should be a perfect fit for your needs and your style, otherwise you’ll never really love it.

Reupholster: Reupholstering gives you the chance to revive an antique piece of furniture back life. Maybe you own an item of furniture that’s been handed down through the generations, and is a symbol of sentimental significance that you are unable to let go of, or perhaps you are just in love with the vintage legs on your mid-century French-style chair that was built in 1950. Although the frame and structure might require some adjusting or work with expert assistance, it’s possible to do this. Restoring older pieces secures authenticity while enhancing functionality for daily use.

New: Vintage isn’t for all people, but what can be said to go around is true over time, and within 10 years you might buy the same item with a greater price as it’s gaining popularity. Or maybe you’re looking for a more basic style, with a less is more way of life. There is no problem with that however, you’ll need to be aware that as your furniture is manufactured in mass quantities, it’s far from being authentic.

High-quality of the work

When you buy something you’re hoping that your purchase to provide you with top quality items. However, that’s not always the instance.

Reupholster: The things were made to last; electrical products, clothing, and in the end, furniture. People were experts in their field and wanted everyone to be aware. Unfortunately, through the years the quality of furniture has been declining continuously because of mass production that only emphasizes the importance of taking good maintenance of top-quality and original furniture.

Restoring and reupholstering these high-quality pieces in this way, you’re showing gratitude to generations of talent and commitment, and could add another 20 years of enjoyment to that furniture.

New: Warehouses churning out thousands of items weekly that focus on the quantity over quality, which implies that less expensive components are used to create and design new furniture. Even though they are covered by guarantee and warranty to last for a minimum of 12 to 24 months, once that time has passed you’re own.


Fashions change and trends fade So make sure you pick wisely!

Reupholster: Everyone is different and has a unique home interior style; old furniture is either eye-catching or a feature piece. The choice is your choice!

If you can restore your furniture to its original look You are not just protecting a historic piece and protecting its value. The latest trends in interior design are always changing and the most popular colors and patterns change constantly. If sticking with the original fashion of the fabric is not an option, choosing just one pattern or color that can be altered with throw-rugs or cushions is the most effective.

New: furniture is created to follow current trends, for instance, although your burnt-orange leather chaise lounge is trendy today, in six months it will look outdated, and you’ll want to have bought a black one.

Environmental impact

The environment doesn’t often get an appearance when people purchase their furniture however, the time has come to change!

Reupholster Your furniture, you are saving the environment by reusing by upcycling or reusing, as well as creating something new! Restoring and reupholstering your furniture is a green choice that can assist you in helping to protect the environment.

New Furniture: Because of throwing away your furniture when you buy new furniture, you are contributing to excessive landfill and waste. This is a negative impact on the environment!

Furniture reupholstery allows owners to preserve a valuable item as functional as well as a standout piece for a long time. It can also allow modernization or just preserving the original design. The advantages of sofa upholstery far outweigh buying new!