How to Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric

If you are brand-new to interior design and the world of upholstery, picking the best fabric for your furniture may seem like a complicated experience. In between all the fabrics, colors, and designs, how do you know which one is right for your home?

Upholstery fabric for a new couch, sectional, or armchair can be a big financial investment, and you do not want to second-guess your decision the moment you take a seat in your chair for the first time. If you choose the incorrect product, you may find yourself in a constant fight of snags, discolorations, and discontentment. If there’s an error in the color or pattern, the furniture will shake off the design of the entire room (and possibly lead to having the piece reupholstered).

Before you rush to choose your brand-new upholstery fabric, explore the variety of fabrics in terms of sturdiness, convenience, and design, and pick the fabric for your furniture that you’ll like for years to come.


If your piece of upholstered furniture is planned for everyday usage, resilience is an important aspect to consider. If you have kids who like to jump on furniture (even when you repeatedly tell them not to), or if you have pets or felines that like to curl up on the couch for a nap, try to find upholstery fabrics dealt with for regular performance, such as stain resistance, water repellants, or UV resistance.

Toughness is likewise figured out by a producer’s double rub test, where a back-and-forth movement replicates the wear and tear of routine furnishings usage. The higher the variety of rubs, the much better indicator of a long lasting item.

Let’s discuss children and animals a bit more– and perhaps red wine connoisseurs to boot. The durability of synthetic suede makes light work of spills and animal hair. Distressed leather is likewise an excellent choice if you’re fretted about scuffs and scratches. If your household is hectic and full of energy, try to prevent delicate and textured materials such as silk, which can extend and aren’t extremely flexible when it pertains to set-in spots.

Fabric Care

Upholstery fabric isn’t typically ideal for conventional machine washing or dry cleansing once it’s attached to your furnishings, so it’s a great concept to search for stain-repellent fabrics for heavier-use furniture. It’s recommended to dry tidy any fabric before upholstering if cleansing is desired. Once your fabric is set up, utilize spot cleaners and mist your furniture with fabric protective spray.


Color is a big choice for your furnishings and the total design of your indoor area. It depends on the type of furnishings you wish to display. Darker, neutral shades are popular due to the fact that they match any décor and won’t head out of design, and they also do a good task of hiding dirt, rips, and scuff marks.

Think about lighter, cooler tones in strong shades if you wish to produce an airy and inviting state of mind in your home. If you truly wish to go vibrant and distinct, a bright and vibrant patterned fabric will definitely make a statement in your home.

The Furniture Itself

Do not ignore the shape of the furniture. This will impact the layout of your home and how your area transitions from room to room. If you’re upholstering a piece with some curvature like a seat or reclining chair, solid-colored fabrics will work best. Patterns or textures with an unique instructions don’t constantly upholster well– they might look fantastic on a strip of fabric, however an ornate shape will not constantly equate when it’s stuck onto a piece of furniture.

Size is another essential element. Larger pieces like sofas stand apart best in abundant, strong colors or traditional neutrals so you won’t weaken of your furniture with time. It’s simpler to cheer things up with smaller pieces like accent chairs with bold shapes and patterns.

Lastly, think of the surrounding home furnishings in the room. Whether they’re old pieces, new pieces, or other pieces you plan to upholster, you’ll want to make sure the colors, textures, and patterns all match up well and look cohesive together.