Copy of a "behaviour recommendation" guide

@larry updates those tips on deepstash sometimes so i like to share this, heres the link and a repost

side note: most mentioned methods also improve autophagy , cleaning your cells from trash

1. Nutrition:

- Eat some Olive oil or/and Nuts , prevents high insulin
- use the intermidity diet. 16 hours not eating / 8 hours eating- will keep your brain running and insuline low!
- eat egg yolks and curcumin (turmeric) , they increase neuroplasticity
- omega-3 fats (fish) intake, as well as l-theanine (tea)
- vape nicotin inside an e-cigarette  , isolated nicotine helps boosting memory and learning whilst having harmful ingredients in normal cigarettes
- use pepper as addition- piperine at all dosage range used in study possessed anti-depression like activity and cognitive enhancing effect at all treatment duration.

- Dont use preperates to cover brain or health needs! some of them are unhealthy cause they provide to much of a normaly healthy ingredient making you sick at the end
- Dont eat high carbs! Things in your brain cant work nicely when the body produces to much insulin caused from carbs
- dont drink cow milk, it blocks folate receptors and decreases methylation, which are improving your neuronal build (neurogenesis) , Goat’s and sheep’s milk products are usually fine—unless you have an autoimmune disease.
- dont eat highly processed food without omega3 - link to memory loss when you lack the fatty acid

2. Daily Routines

- breath trough your nose : The benefits of nasal breathing are associated with how this breathing purifies, heats, moistens, and pressurizes the air. These changes to the air increase oxygen absorption by approximately 10-15%.
- exposure to as much sunlight as you can get (without getting “bourned”) , improves circadian alignment, sleep and mental health
- listen to music , certain brain areas get activated whilst it. also musical training over time has been shown to increase the connectivity of certain brain regions

- You all may know it : Meditation. A daily session of meditation , even in doses of 5-10 minutes per day can improve mood, destress, helps fokus

– Phone tools=
- Mesmerize - with visual , audio and breath stimulation
- - i prefer those sounds as they are binaural, bringing your head in a synchronized state with the selected mindset

- train instability resistance (balance) twice a week , improves working memory, processing speed and response inhibition

- Cold Showers : It releases anti-depressants and is an stress trainer. so its a good prevention if you seem to have a lot stress. i recommend to start cold and change it to warm later.
• drawing practice: enhances how the brain shares information about an object between different regions over time

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- InColor

heres a hard one: air pollution reduces cognitive performance by up to 8% the same day you get exposed to it. consider to buy an air cleaning device for your indoor activities

- Brain training - also classical advice and a hot science topic as some scientists beliefe you just get better in the tasks , my opinion is if the brain gains neuronal connections , its a very good choice/thing. the average brain starts to slowly reduce unused parts at an age of 25!
– Phone tools=
- Neuronation
- Brain Wars
- Nonogram King
- Sudoku4two
- Futoshiki
- Hex2048
- Loop: Energy
- I Love Hue too
- Logical Reasoning Test

Hint: Problem Solving Training - “PST are mainly improved capacities for planning and memory”



- Sleep - sleep is used to store information in your long term memory, dont lose it! study shows that uncovered sleep can be restored in the next 2 days.
try to protect yourself from blue light in the evening while  getting more light exposure in the morning: “melatonin and two of its metabolites help memories stick around in the brain and may shield people from cognitive decline.”

PhoneTools= use the blue light filter of your phone on evenings, blue light is mandatory but blocks circadian rhythms if not blocked before sleep

- Exercise physically - a healthy body keeps your mind running. dont try to overuse alcohol (healthy amount: 0,5 l each day on 5 days a week) and keep distance from drugs even if you think they provide you a brighter sight of how things are, they change your neuronal connections
– 10 minutes a day running will help to release neuronal builders and strengthen your allready existing neurons

Hint: you may consider training with “tagata” : 20 seconds training, 10 seconds pause , repeated for minimal 4 times- leads to 150% v02max (oxygen intake)

- Games - yes even games can help you, especially action games cause they fasten your cognitivity
– Phone Tools=
- Dragon Fly
- Death Worm
- Fruit Ninja
- Temple Run
- Sonic Jump Fever
- Smash it
- Zombie Smasher
- Race the Sun
- Metal Madness
- Mobile Legends
- Jetpack Joyride
- Real Boxing
- Dead Target
- Dancing Road
- Shellfire
- Kickflight
- Overdrive
- Bomb Bots Arena
- Into the Dead
- Dynamix

- Learn : The more you remember the easier you will keep information, but be aware- the brain slowly fades unused information when it gets new input. Ask yourself before learning what it may help you with in the future to stay more motivated
– Phone Tools=
- Audio Now
- StudySmarter
- Coursera
- StoryShots
- Deepstash
- 12 Min
- Inshorts
- MyDailyInput
- Quizizz
- QuickRead

- Plan your work : we are most productive in little time frames, this covers also learning. Dont multitask, if you excluded all unnecessary distractions, you can enter the highly effective flow state. motivate yourself when imagining why you do something. Theres no reason to think “i cant” , instead think “i dont”. failure is the key to sucess , learn from it
– there are many proven methods to take care of the little time frames, here are two examples =
- 25 minute , followed by 2 minute break , repeat 3 to 4 times until you choose a larger break of around 15 minutes
- 90 minutes , followed by a 10-15 minute break
this also helps when doing things you dont like or if you are procrastinating - brain sends a pain reaction 20 minutes of time , if you overcome that period you will teach yourself its not that bad
surprisingly the same time span (20 minutes) is needed to decrease your focus, breaks will help you getting new information processed

journal your day - lowers blood pressure, hightens immune response, better memory

special tip : write about what was emotionally significant and what had value for you (or what made your day)

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- Use your subconsciousness : Things become sticky when you repeatly hear or see them. Try to take a look on motivational short notices over the day
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- Unlock your Mind

Watch “beautiful” Pictures or get inside an nature environment - ‘If the information arrives at the synapse as a signal, signal processing is enhanced, which ultimately leads to improved learning and development. In this context, the complex networks of lipids and proteins had a decisive effect on the functioning of the synapses. Thus, the current study provides a molecular explanation for why an enhancing stimulating environment can have a positive effect on neuronal plasticity and brain development.’

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