Friday night

mind wandering

"Which music do you like ?" they asked.

"Freejazz, pop, rap, fusion, bluegrass, dixieland, disco".

They nodded slowly.

"And what are you studying ?"

The main character took a quick breath and squeezed through her lips :

"Law school" - "My parents made me do it".

"And where are you from ?"

Her brain went into freezing mode.

"Have a drink ? It's on me".

They walked a few meters and ordered Brand A cola and Brand B ginger ale.

"How long have you been in London ?" - They smiled.

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud noise.

Two girls were rolling over the floor, screaming while they hit a table

which quickly rolled over as well.

"Let's go to the backyard !" they said.

Footsteps brought them there swiftly.

The moon, almost full, stared at them, like a torch asking no questions.

The noise was gone. It was silent here. They only heard their lungs and their heartbeats.

"Let us try the pool !" they said. And they stepped into the little pool.

Green plants were waving forth and back. Little frogs escaped from the pool, and jumped over the sand.

Main character thought about the bright sunlight on the moon.

A third person appeared from the other side.

Without words the three of them got together at the other exit,

and left, heading to the next bar.