Holy cow

(short story)

She wore a bright red long coat. The dark green scarf around her neck was dancing in the wind. Her dark boots resembled the sound of high heels. Arrived at the parking place she got on her knees and kissed both front wheels of her medium sized car. After a quick hand stand she continued at the back, kissing both back wheels. Then she bowed and whispered an ancient car prayer. She drove off direction North.

He seemed to be a guy but had long hair and a feminine walk.

His dark yellow tie slapped in his face a few times, but that didn't bother him. In front of his car he opened the bonnet of the car, bend over and kissed the engine. He went to the back of the car and kneeled down.

A waterfall of dramatic words uttered filled the air. Minutes later the broken voice returned to a happier tune.

They drove off direction South.

A small girl dressed all in white came out of a nearby building and ran over the grass. She picked up some snow and with her hands threw the snow up in the air. The black crows in the trees looked at her, but did not fly away. They only got more curious. The little girl noticed the birds and a big smile appeared. She ran further towards the pavement still delighted with the snow. A squirrel in the tree looked at her.

"Honey ! Time to take the bus for school !"

She heard the voice of her dad who was now at the other end of the pavement.

Their hands touched and they walked to the bus stop.

Fresh snow kept falling on their heads.

The animals in the trees continued their thing.

From procrastinating peacefully to actively feeding their bodies.