Serious Fun: Flight2fart Converter

Why I want to bring odious and polluting global aviation down to Earth

PHOTO Joe Mobbs (pictured) hopes more planes will be heading to the junkyard

Joe Mobbs, creator of Flight2fart Converter said: "Flight2fart Converter is a serious but playful website that calculates the mass of polluting greenhouse gases produced by flights. Aviation is a nuisance for nature and climate change is obnoxious."

“Did you know that a return flight from Paris to New York creates the equivalent of over two tonnes of CO2 per passenger? That’s like leaving a low energy light bulb on all day and all night for 20 years! Find out how bad your flights stink at

Climate change isn't the only reason our flights are foul. Our cities are already seriously over polluted, with up to 9 000 people dying each year due to invisible air pollution in London alone[1]. The noise of constant landings and takeoffs is unhealthy and nauseating for those whose misfortune it is to live or work in the vicinity of a busy airport.

Flight2fart Converter lets you see your carbon footprint from all the flights you have taken during your lifetime or calculate per passenger CO2 equivalent emitted for a single trip.

Joe said: "Another reason flying stinks is that only a tiny percentage of the worlds wealthier people actually fly and that one return flight from Paris to New York has the same carbon footprint as what the average Sierra Leonean produces during 12 years."

Meanwhile, with climate change impacting farming, with acidifying oceans and with forest fires and hurricanes on the increase, the burning of fossil fuels is increasing risk and instability in the world. One thing is sure, we need climate justice to breathe easy.