Sneak Review: »A Simple Favor«

When I saw the trailer for »A Simple Favor« I was intrigued. It seemed to be an interesting plot and a »Gone Girl«-like thriller.

However, when I realized that Paul Feig was the director, I had my doubts. I didn't like both »The Heat« and the trailer for »Spy«. The humor of Feig's »Ghostbusters« was mostly okay, but still way over the top for my taste.

So after seeing »A Simple Favor«, I have a few realizations. First, even though the movie looked like a thriller in the trailers, it's more like a thriller/comedy crossover. Second, Paul Feig's humor is still not my cup of tea.

While I found the plot to be very solid and also liked the fresh atmosphere a crossover I don't see every too often, it was still “too much“ in the end. Too many plot twists, too much silly humor, too much of what I consider Paul Feig's work. In the end, the movie is entertaining and most of the time fun too watch, but also annoying at certain moments. What hurts the most is the wasted potential of what could've been a very great movie, especially considering the great performance of Blake Lively.

6/10. #SneakReview