Psychic Hijacking

So ensnared to the raptures of the corporate, by doctrines it is unable to perceive, so duped is the right wing mind it is a willing participant in its own psychic hijacking. For what the right wing mistake to be their own freedom of thought is nothing but an act of surrender to the subtle persuasions of hard corporate thinking.

The government – any government, any capitalist government – and the corporate are the same thing. There is no conflict of interests between them, just the masquerade of conflict, conjured and embellished by corporate-owned news outlets. What the government want from you is precisely what corporations want from you. What the government wants you to think is everything corporations want you to think.

The fabrication of conflict arises only because the government must appear to seem like it cares. While the corporate news is vying for you to support your own demise, the government is obliged to take a more neutral appearance, to tell you it's for your own good, so to not draw too much attention to its sociopathic nature; to look like it's on your side, like it is only acting in the public's interests; a naturally weak position one comes to expect from official bodies.

The duped right mistake this discrepancy for political disagreement, for political debate, for democracy!; and as they succumb to the fevers of corporate indoctrination they pride themselves for not being some gullible dupe who follows blindly the government's guidance. The fact they find themselves sometimes in disagreement with the people they helped to elect is testament, surely, to their own free will, and to the rich variety of ideas in our public discourse.

And the government's half-arsed approach serves only to give credence to the certainty of the corporate voice; because the government and the corporate are the same thing:

What the corporate wants you to think is what the government wants you to think.

Over and out for now, guys!