Revolution isn't possible

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I really don't see a way out of the clutches of neolibralism. Our health service is privatised, war crimes are committed daily, then our mass media either ignore it or lie to us about it.

So much of our lives have succumbed to the cancer of neolibralism. It will only get worse.

Privatisation happens in front of our eyes but is (conveniently) poorly covered in corporate news. Our government is the pits and gets away with it daily.

Without education and clear information, this country can never free itself from the tyrannies of profiteers.

How do you destroy a digital threat? One that exists on many servers, a Hydra with infinite heads.

Our information is controlled, our democracy is inadequate, and our corporate politicians continue the vandalism of our public assets.

Maybe the only way forward is a national strike, or a national boycott, the only thing that can force our leaders to change their actions.

But how can you get this idea across to the duped masses when our information channels are so tightly controlled? And would it work anyway?