The Sweet Certainty of our Decline

I was foolish to believe capitalism would allow real dissent. It is not within the capacity of capitalism to allow self-harm. My waning faith in left wing political commentary is all but spent. They cannot harm the system.

Apart from those at the top for whom the system is rigged, capitalism allows only viable businesses to survive. The obscene joke we are compelled to partake in, all that exists, all that is allowed to exist, is only that which will do the lest harm to capitalism.

Do you think your anti-capitalist blogger will save the world? The obscene elegance of capitalism allows for a person to announce freely its every flaw in exquisite detail, whilst perpetually donating to its cause: paying capitalism for the privilege of critique.

And do support your political commentator of choice! There is no harm in it; how else will fools learn?; but be sure that it will not see the decline of our greatest foe. We all need to eat, have rent to pay, and your particular brand of counterculture needs to be supported; but remember what business model you are investing in.

Supporting political commentary is to lubricate the dissemination of ideas; but that is all. You are donating to support words.

As a rule capitalism honours those who aid the system; so no matter how radical the voice, it exists in equilibrium to the money making machine. Any alteration to that paradigm will lead only to financial ruin or else a greater endorsement of capitalism. Your voices of counterculture will not bring an end to capitalism.

The popular bloggers and commentators could easily join forces to disseminate ways for the public to unite in dissent; but the fact they have not done that already is perhaps all you need to know. Capitalism allows only that which will do the least harm to its system. Obviously they are not politicians; so we should not expect revolution from them. But more than that, they are not strategists: they have no clue how to effectively dissent. They have no clue how to assuage the looming fascism that is currently gripping the world.

But they can report it, and they can denounce it.

Over and out for now, guys!