The First Sketch of a Manifesto

Synthesism is a synthesis of ideas; an ideology centered on establishing a more sweeping front by which to push leftism. To be Synthesist does not necessarily mean to only be Synthesist; rather, Synthesism may be thought of as an accompanying ideology to any flavor of leftism or anarchism (or perhaps with modification even progressivism) with which it is compatible. Synthesism has many ideas.

What Synthesism is

  • Synthesism is a fundamentally socialist ideology. It stands for the workers owning the means of production and the rightful compensation and distribution of power to those who labor. Synthesism demands radicalism and supports all unions who stand for their workers and not watered down labor support, but lends its preference to those such as the IWW who are truly radicals.

  • Synthesism supports and encourages direct action, mutual aid, cooperation, and sharing of resources and knowledge insofar as it is possible. Electoralism alone cannot be the answer and should not be the answer, nor should anyone be reliant solely on electoralism to accomplish their goals.

  • All the same, Synthesism supports electoralism insofar as it is also possible. Sometimes change can be made this way, and other times it is the best line of defense for the most marginalized and victimized in a society. Either way, electoralism cannot be ignored and should not be ignored if change is possible through it.

  • Synthesism is green. The future must be in renewable energy and sustainable management of resources. Synthesism supports movements like the Sunrise Movement, Extinction Rebellion, and the Earth Strike; it supports policy planks like the Green New Deal. But Synthesism must also support more radical solutions where necessary. Synthesism supports solarpunk as both an aesthetic and as genuine activism and policy. Synthesism seeks to encourage both individual green efforts and policy-based green decisions.

  • Synthesism is radical, inherently. It supports moving the margins; it seeks to tear down the status quo and usher in a brighter future; it smashes expectations and defies the standards of acceptability. Synthesism breaks new ground and seeks to create new avenues through which a better future can be crafted from the old. To support Synthesism is to think outside the box; to throw off those shackles that constrain us which could not be dreamed of ordinarily.

  • Synthesism is anti-fascist, anti-imperialist, and anti-racist. It supports all marginalized peoples, and stands for all oppressed nations. To be Synthesist demands a just world, or the closest thing to it. To be Synthesist demands direct action

  • Synthesism is gender and sex-abolitionist. Let the shackles of those ordained "acceptable" labels fall beneath us; let the labels by which we call ourselves proliferate endlessly and infinitely, so that they then hold no power over us. Let people define themselves as they wish, or not define themselves at all! To be Synthesist is to push for a world where such things no longer serve as fracture points.

  • Synthesism stands for LGBT+ liberation and proliferation; Synthesism stands for minority liberation and proliferation. We must tear down the systems which keep the most vulnerable down and replace them with new systems that will accommodate them fairly and without prejudice.

  • Synthesism calls for the uprooting of monopolies, especially technological ones. Synthesists support alternative technologies, sustainable technologies, and policies which undermine and destroy monopolies. Synthesism supports alternative tech standards. It supports open source software and the FOSS movement. It supports companies like Purism and MNT which seek to make user-controlled computers. It supports operating systems like Linux and browsers like Firefox. It calls for the proliferation of decentralized and federated platforms like Mastodon, Plume, and others. It calls for the users to have power above all, not corporations.

But, above all Synthesism is ever changing, ever growing, and always prepared to take on new ideas. Synthesism stands to be flexible and adaptable, ready to take on the new challenges of life as they arise. Synthesism is a sketch, ready to be fleshed into a full fledged movement within the left.