My NAS Drive Might Be Dead

Literally everything is fucked, files are missing, things are down and I can not

So I’ve got a few things that are down at the moment and about 8 years of files that are no longer accessible - including all the message areas on the BBS.

My Freebox which is what is basically a NAS drive and the Virtual Machine that runs my Yunohost server decided after a reboot that it no longer has a hard drive. No idea why but searching the web it could be a bad firmware update (which is also indicated from the fact it hangs on the firmware stage of the boot process before going online).

What does this mean ? Well and are down and the BBS is pretty much dead in the water too.

I installed a fresh copy of Pixelfed on FRA1 (which hosts and I’m probably going to use that now since I’m able to use a slighly slower (but no amazon) S3 provider as the machine is in a data centre and not at the end of a shitty ADSL connection with fuck all upload speed.

As for the rest I have to wait, because honestly, the agent at Free support basically just tried to push this job til after the long weekend, and it is so unbelievably obvious.

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