Fedora 37 news (october - november 2022)

An Early Look at Fedora Linux 37 on Raspberry Pi 4.

Fedora Linux 37 will be available later this fall and promises many new features and enhancements, including official support for Raspberry Pi 4 devices.

With the upcoming Fedora Linux 37 release, Raspberry Pi 4 support will get the “official” status due to the implementation of accelerated graphics using the Broadcom V3D graphics driver. Accelerated graphics are provided in Fedora Linux 37 using the V3D GPU for both OpenGL-ES and Vulkan.

Fedora Linux 37 for Raspberry Pi 4 will be provided as a standard raw.xz image for the AArch64 (ARM 64-bit) architecture, which you will have to write on a micro SD card using a special utility like the official Raspberry Pi Imager, which you can install from Fedora Linux’s repositories.

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