Adventure with Linux

I started using Linux distributions since 2018 because I received malware from classmates and also the netbook was running slow and sometimes frozen due to the RAM usage.

It was also a kind of entering to a new universe when I first installed Xubuntu alongside Windows just for testing and I loved it , until I deleted Windows from the machine. It was Windows 7 Professional by the time.

Lately by the end of the year I fucked up the system for the first time ever and switched to Lubuntu , but then I fucked it up again , then I moved to Devuan but it was bloated with software I didn't need by the time but liked the Xfce desktop.

But since I started liking rolling release distributions I did give a try to Void Linux and it was my main distribution until my (first) netbook died.

From the beginning to the middle of 2019 I started using antiX Linux and modified it to use the LXQt desktop , where I started first my personal project by the time being called Moonlight Linux , which I used until my (second) netbook went inactive due to troubles with the hard disk drive.

I was given a crippled laptop in late 2019 and installed MX Linux alongside Devuan and Artix Linux using them as a base for Moonlight Linux , which is already mentioned earlier. I do not miss using Windows at all.

My current setup in the laptop is :

  • MX Linux (/dev/sda1) (x86-64)
  • Artix Linux (/dev/sda3) (x86-64)
  • Devuan (/dev/sda4) (i686)

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