Testing Messengers

Every two weeks, my partner and I switch to a new messenger.

We have tried and found: -Telegram (works great, but privacy concerns)

-Signal (liked it, but has issues such as requirement of a phone number/can’t self host/federate)

-Snikket/XMPP (loved it)

-Session (stopped using shortly after we discovered that messages were coming in late due to no GCM).

-Jami (stopped using because it does not deliver some messages/calls).

-CWTCH (didn’t like the UI, felt too cluttered)

-Element/Matrix (liked it, but found the UI buggy/slow)

-Email/Deltachat (liked it, although a little slow and lacks phone calls)

-Briar (liked it, wish calls were possible)

So far her favorite is Snikket (xmpp). Last night she said “Snikket , Snikket, Snikket, I just love it. I just works. I tried to send someone a message on Signal, and it didn’t work, tried Snikket, BAM, it worked. I want to be the official Snikket spokesperson. It feels like sanity compared to all the bs alternatives.” I fully agree.

So, good job Snikket team (and of course the wider XMPP developer community), you’ve won us over.