Some thoughts on the situation in Portland

What we see in Portland is something everybody in our so called democracies should be aware of. We may have our constitutions and our moral values and liberty that should protect us from situation like that. This is a general misconception, that has been theorized for a long time, but the situation in Portland with secret police arresting people from the streets is eye opening. It is not just another police scare tactic in our fake capitalistic world order. It exposes so many lies that are told day in day out.

The speed up in wealth distribution and the continuing exploitation of "third" world countries after the fall of the Soviet Empire exposed what our system core really is made of. At the start of the '90s there was no reason to pretend anymore. The Soviet Empire was always there as a counterpart picture, so that people would not realize the capitalistic exploitation of the western population and of course all those "slave" countries that seem to be just there to provide manpower for low cost products and natural resources.

Since then and until the 2008 economic crisis it was smooth sailing for the political, industrial establishment and banking sector. Greed lead them to abandon domestic markets and production, because cheap labor and price competition was much more important. Even after promising regulations on the financial sector, they did not deliver. Now that the Corona crisis has shown us how weak the system really is, there is still no discussion about how to solve our elementary problems.

The missing discussion should be about our political and economical system, which are the root of our problems.

So amid the Corona crisis the focus also shifted to our government agencies and their structural problems. What has been long known in leftist circles is now in the focus of the mainstream media.

So, if you are living in Germany, you may want to say, that the situation in the US and Portland will never happen here and so and forth. In my opinion we are already on our way to reach the same state of systematic failure. We have secrecy on all government levels and reached already a level of injustice that the rest of a possible development may not so far away as you think. Our European governments are actively working on disposing personal privacy. The law enforcement and military is infiltrated with far-right members. The political system is a puppet for the industry and financial sector. The only solution to solve the crisis is to print money we just do not have. The whole world is broke. The system has already failed, yet there are no discussions about solutions.

A bridge too far

If we would like to reach that bridge, it would need radical changes, which would also lead to transfer power and wealth on a basis that those currently responsible will never give in.

The consequences of how this will develop and also the time before a possible collapse are unclear. The last step, if the level of deniability continues and the neglect to search and discuss alternatives, will much likely also bring us pictures like those in Portland.