Thursday Orders

Thursday Orders

Two weeks ago, my wife and I were consolidating our shopping lists that we basically talked about for multiple weeks but never acted on. Finally, we had everything sorted and so I ordered from five different shops on a Thursday evening.

A few days later – being the spoiled dude that I am – I found myself on Tuesday, thinking: "I got delivery confirmations from four of the shops by yesterday, what is the fifth one doing so long?!"

Regarding this thought closer, I realized that only two working days had really passed: Friday and Monday. Making this realization, I was able to make a very different assessment of the situation: "Wow, I got two parcels already, two more are one the way. Those shops have been really fast!"

Two hours later, I got the fifth confirmation.

Along these lines: Taking a moment to reconsider situations doesn't change them, but it can heavily change the perspective on them.

That said: have a nice Thursday! #PositiveVibes

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