Types of E-Cigarettes

Now, let's talk about the different types of electronic cigarettes (vapes).

Now, let’s talk about the different types of electronic cigarettes (vapes).

I’ve been hearing the word “vape” a lot lately, and I’m a little curious about it. My friends around me are smoking e-cigarettes (vapes), and I’m starting to get interested in them too.

Most people search for the words “e-cigarette” or “vape” and find that Most of the time, they check out the top-ranked sites like Rakuten and Amazon to see what kind of e-cigarettes are available.

What do you see?

First of all, Icos are found, but as explained in the previous article on the difference between e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes, I’ll pass on Icos because they are not e-cigarettes.

Then, moving on to the second and third pages, …There are so many kinds of e-cigarettes, and they are all different in shape and price. I don’t know which one to choose. What in the world is the difference? I want to shout “What’s the difference?

I found myself looking hard for reviews that would convince me to buy a product that I was attracted by its appearance. I always check out the low ratings when I look at the reviews, and if I see something in common with the negative reviews, I am prepared for the possibility that I might be one of them.

Now, for those of you who are interested in electronic cigarettes (vapes), let me briefly summarize the information!

Electronic cigarettes (vapes) are very deep and can be divided into three main tiers.

  • Beginner E-cigarettes (Vapes)
  • Intermediate vape for intermediate users
  • Advanced vape for advanced users

Here, I would like to discuss mainly electronic cigarettes for beginners.

E-cigarettes for beginners

  • 1)Disposable cartridge type・・・・
  • 2)Plumtec or an e-cigarette about the same size as a cigarette.
  • 3)Pen type e-cigarette・・・・
    1. Box type e-cigarette…

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1) Disposable cartridge type

The biggest feature of this type is that it is small, cute at a glance, and looks like a cigarette! However, in conclusion, we do not recommend this type of e-cigarette at all.

The reason is clear: the batteries run out quickly, there are few flavors available, and the running costs are high. If I were to add one more point, it would be that they are less satisfying.

Many people in their 40s or older may be familiar with the old-fashioned non-smoking pipo, or the plastic pipe that you inhale to get a lemon or mint flavor. Think of it as that plastic thing that inhales lemon and mint flavors.

I personally love those, but in the category of electronic cigarettes, I don’t recommend this kind of thing.

2) Plumtec or an e-cigarette that is about the same size as a cigarette.

Simple, easy to carry, and you can add your favorite flavors. Personally, I think it is an option. Strictly speaking, if you choose this type, I think PlumTec is still the best choice.


  • Simple and easy to carry.
  • The nicotine intake is very satisfying, even if the amount of smoke is small.
  • It is compatible with other e-cigarettes, so it is very versatile.


  • Battery life is still poor.
  • Running cost is high.

Running cost is high. Personally, I would definitely recommend PlumeTec over Icos.

3) Pen-type electronic cigarette

Of all the so-called electronic cigarettes (vapes), I think the pen type is the most recommended for beginners. And it is this pen type that we deal in!

I am one of the people who tried various types of e-cigarettes, and finally I am still using a pen-type e-cigarette.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Battery life is good.
  • Low running cost.
  • The vapor (mist) is very strong and satisfying.
  • Many flavors to choose from.


  • You need to understand how to use it only at the beginning.
  • Some types are bulky and lack style.

Running cost here means not only the consumption of the liquid in the tank, but also the cost of the “coil” connected to the inside of the tank. There is a “coil” (like a disposable filter) connected to the inside of the tank, which is also consumable. This is also considered as a running cost because it is a consumable item.

The frequency of replacement depends on the type by different vape manufacturers, but it is recommended to replace this part once every 2 weeks to 1 month. If you do not replace it, the amount of vapor (mist) will decrease, it will not taste good, or it will start to smell a little burnt.

The complication here is that pen types have different coil standards depending on the type of pen type. You need to find and buy a coil that fits it.

Looking at the rest of the Internet, I don’t see those explanations, or I don’t know where to buy the additional coils I need. I sometimes think that is really unfriendly.

Also, the price is usually around 2300 to 3000 for 5 coils per pack, but our coils are offered at 1000 yen for 5 coils. This can greatly reduce running costs.

4) Box type e-cigarette: Eleaf’s iStick Pico

The most famous is Eleaf’s iStick Pico. Although this is a product of another company, it is a good, well-made product. It is the reason why e-cigarettes have been sparked in recent years.

However, I dare to say that this is for intermediate users.


  • The most orthodox style among box types.
  • It is close to the so-called “explosion flame type” and produces a strong vape (vapor).
  • It produces a lot of vapor, so you can enjoy the flavors of the vape and feel a sense of satisfaction.


  • The power (wattage) needs to be adjusted, and a little knowledge of vaping is required.
  • Running costs are high due to the amount of liquid consumed and the price of replacement coils.
  • It is heavy and not suitable for carrying around.

Many men may like this shape and the amount of vapor (mist) it produces.

However, if you want to smoke like a cigarette as an alternative to smoking, our product may be closer in terms of oral and smoking sensation.