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VeePN has had a lot of big announcements lately and, for mackintosh users, the latest of these announcements will be good news. VeePN has recently released a beta version of a Macintosh client that eliminates the need for

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users on OS systems to configure their VPN manually. The new client is available to anybody who has served through VeePN.

What Are Betas?

If you are a VPN user but aren’t particularly technically savvy, you probably still heard the term “beta” now and then. Beta versions of the software are versions of software that are almost completely done, but that may need some work here and there. For the most part, they should work very well, but there may be bugs now and then.

Anybody with an account with VeePN can download the Macintosh client for free. If you’ve been envying your friends who run VPN services on PCs and the convenient clients that they have, you may want to go ahead and download this new client and enjoy the easier, more reliable configuration it offers.

What it Offers

The new Mac client from VeePN makes it easy to configure and reconfigure your connection. Installation is simple and is aided by a wizard.

Once you have the client installed, you can set it up to automatically connect to the most recent server that you used, a particular server of your choice or, very conveniently, it can automatically check to see which server has the fastest ping time and hook you up to that one.

Once you are hooked up, you can switch your IP address from the client, eliminating the need to redo your configuration manually. If you want to have an IP address in another city or another nation, it’s only a matter of selecting the option on the client.

VeePN offers the three most popular VPN protocols and you can choose from protocols right from the client. If for some reason, you want to switch, you don’t have to touch any of your network configuration settings and do it manually.

You’ll also get a lot of feedback from the client. It has a status indicator that shows up in your menu bar, so you always know the current status of your connection. There is also a preferences menu that makes it very easy to change the way your VPN is configured and the client will update automatically.

Combined with the fact that VeePN is always expanding its services, adding new servers, and that it provides lower prices based on longer terms of service, the new Macintosh client is a good reason to give VeePN some serious consideration as a VPN provider.

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