Books To Rend Your Veil Asunder No. 1

The Crisis Of The Modern World - Rene Guenon link

guenon crisis


Editorial Note XI

Preface 1

1 The Dark Age 7

2 The Opposition Between East and West 21

3 Knowledge and Action 33

4 Sacred and Profane Science 42

5 Individualism 55

6 The Social Chaos 69

7 A Material Civilization 81

8 Western Encroachment 97

9 Some Conclusions 107

Index 119

A foundational text in what became known as the Traditionalist school , Guenon’s Crisis lays bare every aspect of the false and satanically inverted “cosmology” of modernity .

In just over a hundred pages , he succeeds in slaughtering a majority of the philosophical and metaphysical errors that lay at the root of the modern malaise . Think humanism is good ? Think again . Renaissance as regression - check . From evolution and it’s bastard child progress , to the cultural black hole of individualism and crass materialism which both idolize quantity over quality , reading and UNDERSTANDING Guenon is the ultimate cold shower after a season in hell .


“A word that rose to honor at the time of the Renaissance, and that summarized in advance the whole program of modern civilization is ‘humanism’. Men were indeed concerned to reduce everything to purely human proportions, to eliminate every principle of a higher order, and, one might say, symbolically to turn away from the heavens under pretext of conquering the earth; the Greeks, whose example they claimed to follow, had never gone as far in this direction, even at the time of their greatest intellectual decadence, and with them utilitarian considerations had at least never claimed the first place, as they were very soon to do with the moderns. Humanism was the first form of what has subsequently become contemporary secularism; and, owing to its desire to reduce everything to the measure of man as an end in himself, modern civilization has sunk stage by stage until it has reached the level of the lowest elements in man and aims at little more than satisfying the needs inherent in the material side of his nature, an aim that is in any case quite illusory since it constantly creates more artificial needs than it can satisfy.”

This book WILL change the way you view the world , and , as the man who introduced me to this writer so long ago said , “If you don’t get it , the problem is in YOU.”