What is e-sports in UK?

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, the world took a keen interest in e-sports and this was evident in many online casinos. For it was mainly there that fans longing for live sports excitement could find the only consolation this summer. Still don’t know what esports is and how you can start watching it? Nothing lost! Read this short article and stay up to date today!

Covid-19 the catalyst for a great online esports career

And while esports has been around for many years, it has gained its true popularity mainly through recent world events. In March 2020, the world as we knew it practically came to a standstill. The same thing happened to sports, as the high level of physical contact between both players and fans in the stands posed a great risk to global security. Soccer, volleyball, basketball and tennis matches were cancelled, but also horse races and cycling rallies. The only way for sports fans to get a taste of the action was through online casinos. With the ability to follow sports online and bet on the outcome of virtual games, the world hasn’t lost all the potential of its best athletes. But.

Can e-sports even be called a sport?

Many may disagree, but the character traits needed in both variants are the same: determination, a strong psyche and the desire to be the best by constantly improving your skills. In fact, these are the factors that determine success in sports, both online and offline. And while esports players may not have the incredible physical build and endurance of Olympic medal winners, you can’t take away their mental toughness, patience, and the amount of time spent training and polishing their deficiencies. Esports is also a team activity. For the championship of Dota 2 or Rocket League you have to prepare your team for months. And just like in the case of real soccer, there is no room for mistakes and lack of communication between players. The success of the matches is determined by the teamwork and the ability to defeat the opponent with cleverness and well-trained technique, which is in the hands of the entire team