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Permaculture gardener, plant addict. Intersectional feminist. Pre-1660 British History. Sci-fi. Cats. Anti-capitalist. She/They. Mx. #Solarpunk #GardeningWithME #MECFS #SpoonieVeg #Permaculture #ChronicIllness

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Creating a mini forest garden border

Creating a mini forest garden border in a small urban garden.

Plants for pollinators in late Winter

Suggestions of plants you can grow to feed pollinators in late Winter.

Our solarpunk future

Responses to the question: what does a solarpunk future look like

Moving instances on Mastodon

Step-by-step instructions on how to move from one instance to another on Mastodon

What does a Solarpunk future look like?

What would you like to see in our solarpunk future?

Describing solarpunk

For those new to solarpunk, or looking for ways to describe it

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Everyone's Wine

A folkways approach to wine making

Visiting Anarcha-Ecofeminism

first thoughts

Bringing Anarchist Manufacturing into the living space by controlling waste management.

Creating manufacturing power through waste management equipement.

Capitalism and Mutual Aid

Taken and modified with permission from a thread originally on Mastodon written by

Solarpunk Urbanization?