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Baudouin Feildel

Abbie Normal

postkeynesian @postkeynesian

A kind (of) writer

Fervently unrealistic, inept in practicality.
An avid #reader, & flustered #writer.

Working on localisations.

Sporadically active on @mareklach

kleines Filmröllchen

he/him :demiboy_flag: demiboy :nonbinary_flag: non-binary :blob_rainbowheart: , Computer Science Student, Programmer (operating systems, programming languages, signal processing), Weeb, Nerd, YouTuber, #AleaAquarius Fandom Admin, #SerenityOS contributor, Wannabe-Author/Worldbuilder, Musician

Your non-generic local genderqueer tech nerd.

Feel free to follow/boost/hate/respond with cat pictures. Especially the latter.

会いたいのですが、めったにPawooを使いません。 ここに書いてください - ニックネーム 「HanakoKiss」 Write me here - Nickname "HanakoKiss"

Sergey Bugaev


random clueless boring person from the internet
'((more . types)
(less . syntax)
(editor . acme)
(work . INNOQ)
(location . Leipzig)
(pronouns . he/him)
(avatar-by . Frieder Nake))

If I could pin a post, it would be
It’s me:

Sphinx of Black Quartz, judge my vow!

mareklach @mareklach

Fervently unrealistic. An avid #reader and #writer of timeless observation on the nature of societal structures. Utopian idealist interested in #philosophy

Jordan Petridis

19y/old kid without future.

GNOME contributor, friend of trees, QA monkey, Rust-lang fan.

Jogging, Hiking, used to Mountain Bike.


会いたいのですが、めったにPawooを使いません。 ここに書いてください - ニックネーム 「HanakoKiss」 Write me here - Nickname "HanakoKiss"