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I am but a single particle
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Aravinth Manivannan @realaravinth@gts.batsense.net

Hello 👋

I'm a Free Software developer currently working on:
- Accessible automated CAPTCHAS with @mcaptcha
- Libre forge ecosystem with @gna
- JAMstack platform with focus on privacy and speed with @librepages
- Software forge federation with @forgeflux

My pronouns are he/him

blackle mori @suricrasia@lethargic.talkative.fish

I do lots of random stuff because my brain has too many chemicals inside of it. 1994 ⚧ it/its

technomancy (turbonerd aspect) @technomancy@hey.hagelb.org

this is my more tech-focused alt account I run out of my home; my main account is @technomancy

I also use this as a test ground for patches to gotosocial including a weird lua-based plugin system

Rune, the Prime Neutral @rune@gts.fedi.tax

If you are reading this… congratulations you are alive. If that is not something to smile about, then I don't know what is.

Sometimes the posts are in Danish.

The profile picture is a file icon with a "Cult of the Party Parrot" parrot drawn on. There's a large cross over the bottom right corner indicating the parrot was not found.

If you can see my joined date as a date beyond January 2028 please let me know what client and server you're using :BlobhajShock:

#nobot #noindex

decentral1se @decentral1se@gts.varia.zone

Broadcasting from Rotterdam, NL 📶 Irish.

Some interests: community organising, p2p systems, perma-culture/computing, co-operatives, skateboarding, free software, programming, community wireless networks and experimental publishing 🤓

Feel free to DM me for a chat. Down to meet fellow fedizens IRL ✨

My avatar image was lifted from https://www.are.na/trav-fryer and the header from https://www.are.na/fletcher-bach/outdoor-computing-club 😍 I am forever grateful for the tireless are.na energy of @Trav!

I post and boost in dutch sometimes, sorry in advance for my awful grammar native speakers 😁

Dym Sohin @dym@dym.sh

🦾🔮 Cyberium Multimedium

#design #code #humor

more about instance and me:

varia @varia@gts.varia.zone

varia is a space for developing collective approaches to everyday technology. As varia members, we maintain and facilitate a collective infrastructure from which we generate questions, opinions, modifications, help and action. We work with free software, organise events and collaborate in different constellations. varia figures things out as they go, tries to keep notes, is multilingual, has open hours and can be contacted at info[@]varia.zone.