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会いたいのですが、めったにPawooを使いません。 ここに書いてください - ニックネーム 「HanakoKiss」 Write me here - Nickname "HanakoKiss"

Christophe Hanne

ricco @ricco

FLOX Advocate

FLOX: everything you think necessary for your personal freedom, privacy and security (even things we have not yet created)

FLOX - Free Libre Open X(everything)

Jon Leibowitz

perpetual vim noob



Phoenix Linux Users Group

PLUG has been serving the Phoenix metro area for over 25 years with multiple meetings a month and an active mailing list.

hybrid_celph @hybrid_celph

A kind (of) writer

Fervently unrealistic, inept in practicality.
An avid #reader, & flustered #writer.

Working on localisations.

Sporadically active on @mareklach

Doug Webb

Member of Kanthaus, 🏠 a common house in 🇩🇪 Current focus: score voting ➡️ coop & commons governance ⚖️ Glad to be here with you 🌍


presumably carbon based