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Fervently unrealistic, inept in practicality.
An avid #reader, & flustered #writer.

Working on localisations.

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mareklach @mareklach

Fervently unrealistic. An avid #reader and #writer of timeless observation on the nature of societal structures. Utopian idealist interested in #philosophy

mareklach @mareklach@cafe.sunbeam.city

An aspiring storyteller of lasting narratives.

LWFlouisa @LWFlouisa@cafe.sunbeam.city

I am a poet, short story, novellette, and novella writer. Genres in the past I've written include Time Travel, Post Apocalyptic, Cyberpunk, and GameLit. I briefly ventured into Slipstream, and now circling back into writing GameLit fiction with literary elements.

Nowadays I simply want to write, and not worry about genre.