ohyran ohyran

RPG nerd, Free and Libre Software enthusiast, illustrator and middle aged. Can be found here https://fosstodon.org/@ohyran


Ragabash @ragabash@eldritch.cafe

Loup-garou polysexuel. Montréalais. Intervenant auprès des gens de la rue. Éducateur sexuel à mes heures.

Chris (moving to jade.moe) @brainblasted@social.libre.fi

Admin of social.libre.fi. GNOME developer.

Pronouns are he/him/his.


pyrocynical@mastodon.social @pyrocynical@mastodon.social

Chris 🌱️ @brainblasted@playvicious.social

Backup of https://social.libre.fi/brainblasted

Dave @queryquokka@masto.davewinter.info

Husband & Dad. Graciously Redeemed. Relocated Aussie living at the foot of the Canadian Rockies.

I'm using this platform to document my thoughts and the things that I am learning along the way.

Topics may include Privacy, Open Source, Linux, Cybersecurity, Mental Heath, Faith, Politics, Learning Code & the many adventures that I have with my Family. #Fedora Silverblue User.

Views are all mine. Happy to converse & disagree - let's just keep things classy!

naman @naman@x0r.be

I live; I strategize; I code; I market; I learn; I redesign; just a ghost in wire.

裸の忍者 Nude Ninja @ninja@blogs.nudie.social

Christian ✝️, husband, dad, #香港人 🇭🇰

#selfhosting & digital privacy avocate, software developer

#中国人 🇨🇳 #天体主义者 #naturist #nudist #Freikörperkultur #FKK #bodypositive #lifemodel #Sydney #Australia #HongKong ; Admin of Nudie.Social fediverse services

Weep@masto.nixnet.xyz @Weep@masto.nixnet.xyz

eggandburger @eggandburger@mastodon.social

Probably best known for appearing on the list of "The Excellent People" in 2018


Fediversing until Relays work @fediversing@humblr.social

Since most Mastodon Instances' Relays are not fully set up or not attended at all, having fediversing accounts do help all of us to fediverse easier and faster than waiting for relays to work.
We are just importing CSV files as established by Mastodon itself, to follow only most active accounts, making Mastodon Fediverse grow.

Dave W @x0darkpadr3@social.dwin.link

I love Jesus, my wife & kids. Soup & Curry connoisseur. Reads, writes, cooks & plays board games. Dislikes religious gaslighting. Former pastor now in Infosec.

Dave @pinkelephant@infosec.exchange

Husband. Father. Follower of Jesus.

Transplanted Aussie in Canuckistan.

Interested in Linux, Python, K8s, Hyperledger, Cloud & Container Security, Privacy, Alt Rock & Sports.

Transitioning careers - currently a student doing Cybersecurity. Boost ≠ Endorsement