Articles tagged "App"

Balena Etcher - Create Bootable USB or SD Cards [Win/Lin/Mac]

Flash OS images to SD cards and USB drives, safely and easily.

Check the Battery Health on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

There's an app for that :) 

Open Camera - Open Source Camera App for Android

Try a completely free Camera app

AnySoftKeyboard - Open-Source On-Screen Keyboard for Android

Try an Android keyboard that has a clean and straightforward design.

Put Your Notifications in Batches [Android]

Improve your focus by scheduling your phone notifications

Manage Your Groceries and Household with grocy [Self-host]

A web-based self-hosted management solution for your home

Be Healthier By Using A Calorie Tracker

Use a nutrition journal and health tracking mobile app

Unclutter Your Menu Bar [macOS]

Hide menu bar icons to tidy it up

Offline Viewing for Netflix

How to download movies from Netflix

RedShiftGUI para oscurecer pantalla y Xrandr para ajustar pantalla

para linux

HanseaticBank GenialCard VISA-Kreditkarte: Empfehlung!

Die VISA-Karte der HanseaticBank ist zur Zeit die Kreditkarte, die insbesondere für Reisende attraktive Konditionen bietet.

App Empfehlung: NewPipe Musikplayer

Der kleine Alleskönner!