Articles tagged "Covid-19"

Rapid Covid Testing in England may be Scaled Back Over False Positives

Boris Johnson last week urged everyone in England to take two rapid-turnaround tests a week, but 'true positive' tests are just 25% correct at best

Going to Court for Tory Government's Award of Contracts to Abingdon Health for Rapid Antibody Tests

Abingdon Health has been marred by controversy since the very beginning, with Government suppressing reports that raised the alarm around the effectiveness of the tests.

UK Retailers Join Pubs and Clubs in Rejecting Covid-status Certificates

Tory government warned that checking documents at the door will not work.

Tory Government ‘Skewing Evidence’ To Justify Dropping Masks in Schools

Reports on leaked emails which suggest that the Department for Education is cherry-picking evidence to weaken safety measures

High Court has granted a cost-Capping Order in Our Judicial Review Over the Award of Huge PPE Contracts, Without Advertisement or Competition

We will not be bullied by these costs.

Die alte Dame in neuer Form

Regisseur Gunter Hagelberg inszeniert Dürrenmatts „Der Besuch der alten Dame“ mit Laien-Ensemble unter Corona-Bedingungen

Vernetzung und Ehrenamt als Kompass und Anker

Wie das Künstlermuseum Heikendorf-Kieler Förde einen Kurs durch die Corona-Pandemie findet