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In Plain Sight, Boris Johnson is Rigging the System to Stay in Power

Weakening the courts, limiting protest, hobbling the elections regulator. If another country did this, what would we call it?

Confirmed - Herd Immunity was Inevitable Outcome of Tory Government’s Coronavirus Approach

Byline Times warned the public about ‘herd immunity’ from the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis – now two influential House of Commons committees have concluded that it was the result of Boris Johnson’s handling of the pandemic in its early stages

Boris Johnson Stated BEFORE Signing Brexit Agreement That He Would 'tear up' the Northern Ireland Protocol

Boris Johnson PLANNED in advance to 'tear up' the Northern Ireland Protocol before the UK approved and signed the treaty

UK’s High Covid Case Rates Buck Trend

Higher vaccination rates are translating to lower Covid infection and death rates in western Europe – except in the UK where case numbers are surging

UK - Tories Indicate Turn Away from Democracy and to Authoritarianism.

Tory MP says Teachers Should be “Sacked” if They Criticise the Conservatives Party in the United Kingdom

EU Must be Ready to Send Aid to Brexit Britain, Says Former PM of Finland

Brussels should offer basic goods to help as Brexit bites, even though it is all Britain's fault

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Notre-Dame de Paris

Que penser de l'incendie de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris? Voici bien l’un des grands problèmes de l’humanité. Comment peut-on attacher autant d’importance à des choses matérielles?

Protocols, not Platforms!

My introduction to the Fediverse

repairing the pinephone

the only phone which you can repair without getting sued in 2021

Software Freedom Day in Iran, a close experience since 2017 to 2021

Among 30+ events for SFD2021 around the globe, 5 events were organized in Iran. Here is my brief thougts on the journey I experienced around SFD since 2017 till now.


Plume Development 2021-04-13

Preparing the next release v0.7.0